Luca Di Leo
Dow Jones
May 8, 2010

Editor’s note: Bernake’s comment reminds us of a line in Capra film It’s a Wonderful Life. George Bailey’s guardian angel says: “Oh, we don’t have money in heaven,” to which Baily answers: “Well, it comes in pretty handy down here, bub.”

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U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke had a warning for students Saturday: Money alone won’t buy you happiness.

In uncharacteristic remarks for a Fed chief who normally dwells on gross domestic product and the consumer price index, Bernanke will tell students at the University of South Carolina there are other things beyond wealth and income that can make life satisfying.

“If you are ever tempted to go into a field or take a job only because the pay is high and for no other reason, be careful!,” Bernanke said in remarks prepared for delivery at the university’s commencement ceremony.

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