Back in the 1980s Vermont’s socialist congressman praised the communist dictatorship in Nicaragua. The remark is in a video recently aired on Fox.

In the video Sanders says bread lines are a good thing because in other countries where there are not breadlines people are starving to death because “the rich get all the food.”

In addition to the Sandinista government in Nicaragua, Sanders praises Fidel Castro in Cuba.

During a debate in Miami earlier this month Sanders walked back his praise of Castro and Cuba while lauding its healthcare system.

“Look, let’s look at the facts here. Cuba is, of course, an authoritarian undemocratic country, and I hope very much as soon as possible it becomes a democratic country,” he said. “But on the other hand, it would be wrong not to state that in Cuba they have made some good advances in health care. They are sending doctors all over the world. They have made some progress in education. I think by restoring full diplomatic relations with Cuba, it will result in significant improvements to the lives of Cubans and it will help the United States and our business community invest.”

However, according to a study conducted by International SOS, Cuba’s healthcare system is not one of the best in the world as socialists often claim.

“Many Cubans complain that top-level government and Communist Party officials have access to VIP health treatment, while ordinary people must queue from dawn for a routine test, with no guarantee that the allotted numbers will not run out before it is their turn,” Lucia Newman, a former Cuban resident, wrote for Al Jazeera in 2012. “The system is free, but it is neither fast nor efficient for two important reasons. One is obviously the lack of financial resources, and the other—which is related to the first—is the “export” of doctors, nurses and dentists in exchange for hard currency.”

“Over the years, I have heard many complain about the deteriorating quality of the services offered. One of the problems is that no small number of Cuban doctors have left the country looking for better opportunities abroad,” she added. “They are considered deserters.”

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