Here’s Democrat Socialist Bernie Sanders’ latest tweet:

Sanders assumes all of the 47,000 people on the government’s secret no-fly list are terrorists or pre-crime terrorists and they should not only have their Second Amendment stripped, but also the Fifth.

Bernie and the Democrats—with the notable exception of Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota—believe the government needn’t bother with due process before it criminalizes and punishes citizens. Bernie and the Dems no longer believe in the founding principles of America, principles dating back to 1215 and the Magna Carta.

Bernie Sanders might want to tweet out his objection to secret lists of supposed terrorists (many are victims of clerical error), the feds consistent policy of withholding evidence and exculpatory information from clients in lawsuits challenging that list and denying them a hearing as guaranteed under the Fifth Amendment.

The no-fly list is wholly unAmerican and is, as Leonard Pitts, Jr. writes, “a purgatory to which one can be consigned in perpetuity with neither due process nor judicial review.”

Sanders is following the Democrat establishment’s talking points. He is also pandering to liberals and so-called progressives who are frightened to death by the prospect of law-abiding citizens possessing firearms. Bernie Sanders is counting potential votes, not that it really matters—gun-grabber Hillary Clinton will be the nominee this summer.

Sanders’ “policy prescriptions–far from fresh, radical, or different–have long comprised the political status quo in Washington,” writes Will Tippens.

Bernie Sanders “is just a politician who very much wants the government to intervene more and not less in our lives, which has been the prevailing attitude of every major politician of the past hundred years. For all of his peevishness towards today’s very real problems, his solution is always more of what we already have–a bloated, imperious central authority intervening in all walks of life.”

In the current political climate, disarming the American people has taken center stage. The objective is to make certain they are unable to not only defend their natural right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but also resist government tyranny of the sort advocated by Bernie Sanders and the Democrats.

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