The problem with Bernie Sanders, writes liberal Matthew Yglesias, is he is too white. He appeals to white people. He hails from a white state. Everything about him screams white.

Yglesias takes his lead from Jamelle Bouie, a staff writer at Slate magazine. Bouie is known for his racist politics.

The problem with America, according to Bouie and Yglesias, is that it is too white.

And the problem with Bernie Sanders’ political ad is it is too white.

“Now the striking thing about this ad, as Jamelle Bouie hints, is that especially for a Democrat it’s very white. There are a handful of nonwhite faces, but you are looking overwhelmingly at white people often in very white settings like northern New England. The soundtrack is very white,” writes Yglesias.

White is a niche, according to Yglesias. It always is when you play the race politics game.

This is problematic. There are hurdles when you look at everything through a racist lens.

“Now, in the long term, Sanders is going to need to go beyond this niche. The Democratic Parties of South Carolina and Nevada are very black and Latino, respectively, and ultimately the campaign will move on to big, diverse states like California and New York. That will be a challenge for him. But the first order of business is to win in two white, rural states, and this ad is optimizing for that.”

So what can we expect next (keeping in mind race over everything else)?

Maybe a video filmed in Detroit, Jackson or New Orleans with a soundtrack by Otis Redding (if we are to stay in sync with 1968 and the white duo Simon and Garfunkel).

Keeping in mind Yglesias’ talking points, the next task will be to film ads specifically targeting Latinos, Asians, American natives (formerly known as Indians, but that’s racist) and mixed and other races.

You can see how this is becoming very complex.

Not to mention expensive.

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