A Bernie Sanders-supporting activist has launched a “superdelegate hit list” which links to the names and addresses of pro-Hillary superdelegates and vows to “hold them accountable” for supporting Clinton.

The website is a project of Spencer Thayer, a former Occupy Chicago activist who was previously caught on camera taunting a homeless man at a Chick-fil-A protest telling him that the bible is immoral.

The site invites users to submit the phone numbers and addresses of superdelegates. In a tweet, Thayer admits that the goal of the project is based around “harassing Democratic Superdelegates”.

“It’s time we take our democracy back from the DNC. Together we can find the Superdelegates and hold them accountable to our votes,” states the site, which links to a Google Docs file that lists the contact details and in some cases addresses of superdelegates.

Perhaps aware of the violent connotations that go with the term “hit list,” the website has a disclaimer at the bottom that states, “This site does not condone shooting donkeys wearing ties with arrows”.

Thayer also links to a Politico article which details how the Clintons keep a political enemies list.

“The Clintons have a “hit list” and now we do too!” states the website.

As we have previously documented, while the media insists that Donald Trump is responsible for “inciting violence,” most of the violent and hateful rhetoric throughout the campaign has come from Bernie Sanders supporters.


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