Failed Democrat presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke was lambasted on social media Sunday after he blamed lax gun laws for a shooting at a Texas church, despite the fact the shooter was stopped by a gun-wielding worshipper.

The Sunday incident was captured on YouTube livestream, and shows the deranged gunman, Keith Thomas Kinnunen, 43, confronting parishioners before pulling out a gun and opening fire, killing two people.

Footage shows Kinnunen’s rampage was brought to an abrupt end by a church security officer named Jack Wilson, who killed the gunman with one shot.

Within hours, Beto pounced at the opportunity to promote the leftist gun control agenda.

“So saddened to hear about another church shooting in Texas, this one in White Settlement near Fort Worth,” Beto wrote on Twitter, adding, “Clearly what we are doing in Texas, what we are doing in this country, when it comes to guns is not working.”

Second Amendment supporters on Twitter were quick to highlight the former Texas congressman was omitting one vital part of the story: the good guy with the gun.

“You left out the part where a good guy with a gun saved the day. Because of course you did, you’re an anti-gun p*ssy,” wrote conservative Mindy Robinson.

“Despicable! Bodies are not even cold and you’re preaching about gun control after today’s Texas church shooting,” Red Nation Rising tweeted. “You’re really just advocating for good people to die at the hands of bad people.”

Author Carmine Sabia pointed out O’Rourke did not call for machete laws following the stabbing at a synagogue in New York over the weekend.

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