The new Ebola strategy announced Monday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is not the right remedy to ensure that future patients get proper treatment while preventing the spread of the virus, said Betsy McCaughey.

In an opinion piece for the New York Post, the chairman of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths said that the new guidelines given by the CDC for states to designate specific hospitals for Ebola preparation would not prevent future mistakes of the kind made at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.
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“A safer strategy would be to expand capacity at the nation’s four bio-containment hospitals, which have treated Ebola patients successfully without the virus spreading to a single healthcare worker,” McCaughey wrote.

“Most Americans have virtually no risk of getting Ebola. But doctors and nurses treating an Ebola patient are at high risk, despite CDC assurances that its ‘protocols’ work.”

McCaughey noted that until this week CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden had predicted that any hospital could handle Ebola cases, an assumption, she said, that proved untrue given the mistakes that were made during the treatment of Thomas Duncan.

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