J.H. Huebert
LRC Blog
February 25, 2008

Ron Paul’s success in building a big, enthusiastic grassroots movement brings with it a serious problem: the potential for phony Ron Paul Republicans who seek to take advantage of it.

This was made clear to me when I read an interview in my neighborhood newspaper with a candidate for Congress who had appeared numerous times at local Ron Paul Meetup events posing as a Ron Paul Republican. He didn’t mention it to Ron Paul supporters, but he told the paper that "the surge is working." I see now that his website adds that "Americans prefer victory to defeat" and that "President Bush executed the war exactly the way it should be executed." In other words, the candidate who was happy to allow Ron Paul supporters to think he was one of them is, in fact, a John McCain Republican. (He also supports socializing the "legal industry" — a prospect I find particularly distasteful!).

More success will attract more characters like this, of course. Such is politics.

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