A Joe Biden campaign bus hauling reporters stalled out on the side of a New Hampshire highway the day before its crucial primary vote on Tuesday.

“Biden bus had to pull over after the press bus breaks down,” tweeted Katie Glueck of the New York Times Sunday, showing a photo of the campaign bus parked on the side of the highway around reporters and campaign staffers.

Biden’s bus breakdown is illustrative of his actual presidential campaign after placing fourth in the disastrous Iowa caucus and currently polling at fifth place ahead of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary election.

It also comes as the Democrat candidate badgered a voter asking about his falling support, calling her a “lying dog-faced pony soldier.”

The incident is reminiscent of when Bernie Sanders’ campaign bus was seen getting towed in 2016.

Sanders did not become the Democratic nominee that cycle.

Whatever you may think about Joe Biden’s malarkey & balderdash, all of us “dog-faced pony soldiers” will miss his comic relief.

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