An article trying to debunk concerns over Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities actually admits the presidential candidate hasn’t taken a “cognitive functioning test.”

Yes, really.

The March 6 article published by the Washington Monthly tries to downplay the suggestion that the 77-year-old Biden, a survivor of brain surgery, is going through a cognitive decline which could explain his verbal stumbles and other odd behavior on the campaign trail.

According to the article:

We are about to be subjected to a massive disinformation campaign against Joe Biden, and this one will be particularly pernicious. But for those of us who are fact-based, it is important to keep in mind that there is no data to support the allegations that are being made.

But then here’s this little juicy tidbit from the same article (with emphasis added):

The second piece of evidence to consider is that in December, Biden released a three-page summary of his medical history in which “his doctor declared he is a ‘healthy, vigorous’ 77-year-old fully capable of taking on the role of president.” Here is what Stuart Jay Olshansky, a professor of public health at the University of Illinois at Chicago who analyzes the longevity of presidents, said about cognitive abilities after reviewing the report.

“The only test that hasn’t been done is the cognitive functioning test,” Olshansky added. “But the fact that he’s on the campaign trail and meeting a rigorous travel and meeting schedule probably would suffice as a replacement for the formal test for cognitive functioning.”

In other words, the article says don’t worry about Biden’s mental health because “his medical records did not indicate a cognitive impairment,” yet it also says that Biden’s cognitive functioning hasn’t been tested.

Of course, don’t expect the DNC to release any data suggesting Biden is suffering a cognitive decline any time soon, especially after the work likely done behind the scenes to ensure he got an upper hand on Bernie Sanders.

Additionally, if the campaign trail suffices as a “replacement” for a cognitive functioning test, as the professor seems to suggest, then wouldn’t Biden’s strange stumbles be a cause for concern by that logic?

It’s also worth noting that concerns over Biden isn’t limited to just Trump supporters:

In fact, it might have been Bernie Sanders supporters who first brought it to prominent attention.

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