With act two of the Democratic debates finally ending, take some time to watch highlights of some of the worst moments the liberal candidates had to offer.

Biden Lies About Migrant Bed Controversy

Kirsten Gillibrand Lies About Trump and The Border Crisis

8 Out of 10 Dems Want Open Borders

Swallowswell Pledges Not To Deport Illegals

Kamala Attacks Trump on a Successful Economy

Millionaire Bernie Attacks Trump

Democrats Pledge To Raise Your Taxes

Kamala Harris Calls The Debate Lineup Children

Sleepy Joe Biden Flubs His Way Through Answer

Did Kamala Harris Brake The Law To Protect Illegals?

FULL SHOW: Kamala Harris Feasts on Biden in Clown World Debate Night 2

Joe Biden’s camp is “freaking out” over his poor debate performance after he was savaged by Kamala Harris.

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