Vice President Joe Biden believes the massive influx of children illegally entering the United States from Central America are the responsibility of the American people.

“These are our kids,” he said, according to the Associated Press.

Biden said the world will judge America by the way it treats tens of thousands of children, many of them delivered to the border by Mexican drug cartels.

In June, Rep. Nancy Pelosi suggested taking in the illegal immigrant children. “I wish I could take all those children home with me,” she told reporters.

In July she compared the underage immigrants to baby Jesus.

“I reference the conference of bishops statement in which they say baby Jesus was a refugee from violence. Let us not turn away these children and send them back into a burning building. That’s the bishops, so we have to do this in a way that honors our values but also protects our border and does so in a way that the American people understand more clearly,” she told Morning Joe.

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