Former CNN contributor Symone Sanders, said “we don’t need white people leading the Democratic Party right now,” after Trump’s election in 2016.

“The Democratic Party is diverse, and it should be reflected as so in our leadership and throughout the staff at the highest levels from the vice chairs to the secretaries all the way down to the people working in the offices at the DNC,” Sanders once told CNN’s Briana Keilar.

Now, Sanders is joining the very white Joe Biden as senior adviser to his 2020 presidential campaign.

Not living by the same identity politics she pushes, Symone also previously worked as press secretary for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign before taking a job at CNN.

The former CNN contributor’s move to the Biden campaign comes just hours after the former Vice President’s official 2020 launch.

To accompany the campaign launch, the Biden 2020 team released a video promoting the proven lie that Donald Trump said Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville were “very fine people.”

According to the same Fake News polls MSM pushed leading up to the 2016 election, Biden has an 8-point lead over Trump on day one of his campaign launch.

Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson reported in 2016:

Emails revealed by Wikileaks show how Democratic operatives planned to encourage “oversamples for polling” in order to “maximize what we get out of our media polling.” In other words, sample more Democrats than Republicans in order to make people believe that Hillary’s lead is far greater than the reality of a tight race.

Given Sanders’ previous comments regarding white people leading the Democrat party, could she sabotage his campaign to allow a person of color or woman to get the Democratic nomination?

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