Mike Memoli
The Swamp
August 25, 2010

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Vice President Biden today played attack dog for the White House, accusing Rep. John Boehner (R) of being “nostalgic” for the failed economic policies of the Bush administration.

At an event where he was to unveil a report analyzing the impact of the Recovery Act, Biden broke from prepared remarks to react to the House minority leader’s speech in Cleveland today. What was billed as a major economic address for Boehner offered no new policy other than to fire the White House economic team, Biden said.

“[That’s] very constructive advice and we thank the leader for that,” Biden said sarcastically.

Instead, Biden made the case that voters should not hire Republicans this fall.

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“For eight years before we arrived in the West Wing, Mr. Boehner and his party ran the economy literally into the ground,” he said. “We’ve seen this movie before, Mr. Boehner. We’ve seen it before and we know how it ends.”

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