ABC News
March 16, 2009

The governor of Utah has two problems with a State Senate proposal to scan the IDs of everyone who visits a bar in the state and make that database available to law enforcement officials.

[efoods]For starters, it is an “Orwellian” breach of privacy, he said. And second, it makes his state look kooky.

“I think that would enhance the oddness of our laws,” Gov. Jon Huntsman told The Associated Press. “I think that for most people that is a rather frightening, almost Orwellian, proposition.”

Utah already has the strictest alcohol laws in the country, requiring tipplers to become members of any bar they patronize by paying a small fee and filling out a brief application. Bars in Utah are open to the public, but they’re still classified as private clubs and only members and sponsored guests may enter.

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