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October 14, 2010

With the ever invasive tactics of our State and Federal governements our freedom is constantly eroding through the monitoring of our every move.  Video surveillance can track you just about anywhere you go.  And with the increasing removal of or God given liberties by the federal government we may no longer be able to find privacy even in our own backyards.  GILEE or the “Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange” was formed in 1992.  9 years before 911 Terrorist Attacks and the Patriot Act.  After 911 Americans became soft on the Constitution.  Protection from further attacks on American soil made the loss of these liberties removed through the Patriot Act seem like a good thing to most Americans.  Of course we did not see it that way at first.

Just keep in mind this famous quote from Benjamin Franklin. “He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither“.  That is more true these days than ever before in our great nations history.

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The GILEE program seems on its surface like a really great Idea.  Do not get me wrong I love what security law enforcement provides Americans with.  But I also love what my Constitution provides me with and that is in some fashion protection from such prying eyes as GILEE’s alliance with the Top Eye View Corporation.    I am all for the protection of our American borders and I think receiving training from those, such as the Israeli’s security forces that have dealt with real terrorism for so many years is a very wise choice.  Israeli security forces are helping train those organization members that are participating in GILEE now.  I also think that tools like the Top Eye View Blimp and M25 UAV are great tools to fight illegal immigration.  Kudos to the inventors, Capitalism at work!  But in the hands of the wrong people this can be used to silently spy on you in your non border town.

Top Eye View blimp surveillance
Joel says: “Another product that is sure to generate some interest among those whose job it is to control crowds or protect high-value targets is TopEyeView. TopEyeView is essentially a 30-foot long, tethered blimp, which carries with it one of the world’s smallest stabilized cameras. The solution essentially gives those in charge of the surveillance, a bird’s eye view of an area. According to Tamir Sagie, TopEyeView’s CEO, the company has recently received confirmation that its solution will be used to provide security for an upcoming Madonna concert in Los Angeles. Sagie added that they are also in the advanced stages of prepping the solution for use with HD cameras.”  Source :

The one that is most disconcerting arm of GILEE  is the aerial video surveillance that is being deployed in non-border regions.  We already have police helicopters with Flir cameras and Hi-Res video for both daytime and night time surveillance that can be activated for active police investigations.  Now they have the use of Video-Enabled Blimps and UAV’s to monitor or spy on the civilian population during times that do not require such vigilance.  This is bordering on fascism.  These cameras are certainly turned on as long as they are air-born.  And who knows where the operator has the camera trained.  He may be acting stupidly.

The M25 Mini UAV backpack system provides high quality real-time input from an over-the-hill point of view. The system can hold stabilized day, night, or radiological payloads.

The M25 Mini UAV system is a reliable and cost-effective system. It is field proven and used by security agencies and commercial companies around the world.
Source :

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If Top Eye View can carry radiological payloads now, it is only a matter of time, if they are not already using it, before they don the X-RAY ability now touted by American Science & Engineering, a company based in Billerica, Massachusetts that has sold the federal government over 500 of these Z Backscatter Vans or ZBVs, as the company calls them.

So next time you go swimming on your pool or fire up that grill in your backyard take a peek in the sky around you. Your not alone, even at home behind your 9 foot privacy fence.  Big Brother says, ‘Hey neighbor, lets have a beer summit!’

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