Google has a major hypocrisy problem. Apparently, as the new moral guardians of what we are allowed to see and hear, it is their duty to ban the content of Alex Jones and his Infowars site. YouTube, which is owned by Google and is a major platform for viewing all types of media content, has removed Jones and content from all of his affiliated channels.

However, recent reports suggest that Google has no qualms about working with the Chinese Communist government, which is by a lightyear, the greatest abuser of human rights in the world today. Specifically, Google is helping to design a search engine that will meet the ideologically restrictive demands of the totalitarian regime in Beijing.

Just as the Beijing regime, and its dictator-for-life “president” Xi Jinping, seek to infiltrate the academic world under the auspices of the Confucius Institute, now they seek to infiltrate the tech world by partnering with the world’s leading technology company so that they force-feed Communist lies down the throats of their 1.3  billion citizens.

We can only imagine what such a search engine might look like: Looking for information about Tibet, the Dalai Lama, and its Buddhist population?

Tibet has always been part of China, the Dalai Lama is a fraud and a counter-revolutionary, and Buddhists are not good Communists.

Want to find out about China’s mass concentration camps for political prisoners?

They don’t exist.

The Tiananmen Square massacre?

It didn’t happen. No one was killed…and certainly not for merely exercising their right to freedom of speech. The protesters weren’t lauding American values, and certainly no one was run over by tanks.

Mao Zedong?

The father of Chinese Communist and a heroic fighter in the anti-imperialist struggle who set China on the majestic path where it finds itself today. His “Five Year Plans” were the envy of the peoples republic, and a model for the world.

If you were to enter “How many people did Mao kill?” into Google in the United States, you would quickly find out that Mao’s homicidal mania is unparalleled in human history.

At the top of the search results, you’ll find an article from The Guardian, detailing how from 1958-1962, as the rest of the world was experiencing an economic boom, Mao’s majestic central planning killed 45 million people.

Let’s go out on a limb here, and imagine that Google’s new “search engine” (or should we really term it a “censorship engine”) is set up in China, and one were to query: Mao Zedong. Or Mao Zedong five year plan. Mao Zedong legacy. Mao Zedong deaths.

What would show up? Would the search engine merely obliterate the truth entirely? Or would it place the truth far below “revisionist” (read: paid for by the Chinese Communist Party) historians who bent and distorted the truth to suit Beijing’s ideological whims? Or would they massage the figures to explain away and apologize for the greatest humanitarian catastrophe of the last century?

And that is a historical topic. We can only imagine what the search engine might find with regard to contemporary topics.

Imagine, for example, searching for results for “Chinese censorship” or “Google search engine helps Chinese government to censor”…oh the irony!

You see…for the left-wing ideologues at Google, the Chinese government is not the real threat. Alex Jones and his merry band of banshees and conspiracy theorists with their “hate speech” constitute the real clear and present danger. They due a disservice to all Americans with their “fake news” stories, and degrade the “civility” in our political discourse.

I am well aware of the numerous faults of Alex Jones…but claiming school shootings were staged is a far cry from sending hundreds of thousands of political, social, and religious dissidents to concentration work camps.

Sharing a story about the government putting hormones in the water to make amphibians gay is a far cry from murdering 45 million people on the altar of central-planning, socialism, and cult-of-personality idol worship.

Claiming that 9/11 was an inside job is a far cry from taking away freedom of speech, assembly, and the press from 1.3 billion people.

Google is led and staffed by the far-left. Peruse their campaign contributions…which go almost entirely to the Democratic Party. Take a look at the way they inject far left-wing bias into search results. But more than anything, just look at what Google top executives, themselves, had to say after Trump’s election:

Sergey Brin, the “refugee” and “immigrant” from Communism in the Soviet Union, didn’t have anything to say about Bernie Sanders and his socialist activists taking over the Democratic Party. Trump was the problem.

In fairness to Google, in 2010 they did pull out of China when numerous employees complained about complicity in dealing with the Chinese government. Their apparent return should be cause for great alarm…as should their enthusiasm for censoring Alex Jones.

When it comes to our democracy…its very foundation is freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is under attack from our nation’s own big tech. And that should be a major cause of concern for us all.

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