Jurriaan Maessen
July 4, 2010

Usually Bilderberg stifles journalists who attempt to report on the meetings by ordering the authorities of the country they happen to hold their meetings in to detain them. Remember the famous occasion when Alex Jones was detained for no less than 15 hours by Canadian immigration on orders of the Bilderberg group in June of 2006? How about the harassment experienced by Jim Tucker, Daniel Estulin and countless others, when they attempted to report on the comings and goings of the elitist Bilderbergers?

Micha Kat is a Dutch journalist.

For the first time since its founding in 1954, the steering-committee of Bilderberg has officially lodged a compliant against a journalist/activist for spray-painting slogans on the exterior of Bilderberg headquarters in the Dutch city of Leiden. Confronted with the charge, the journalist in question did the only thing one can do in such a circumstance: he lodged a complaint right back at them.

On January 5 of this year Kat reported at the department of police in the city of Leiden to sign a letter admitting he spray-painted several slogans onto the exterior of Bilderberg’s headquarters in September of the previous year. The day before, Kat had been practically driven off the road by a police-vehicle and taken in for questioning. Kat:

“After your webmaster (Kat) and his crew had managed to make some unique footage of Bilderberg-HQ and the people who live there- it was admitted that Zonnebloem 26 is a Bilderberg-residence and the lady who lives there, employed by Bilderberg– they were driven off the road by a police-vehicle with screaming sirens after which your webmaster was arrested and detained, according to the police on the grounds of the ID-law: he had forgotten his passport.”

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After Kat had signed a statement acknowledging the fact he painted some anti-New World Order slogans on the facade of the Bilderberg-residence in September of the previous year, he was told that the Bilderberg Foundation had filed suit against him for “vandalizing” their property, making Micha Kat the first person to formally be on the receiving end of legal action taken directly by the secretive group.

“After the questioning”, Kat noted on his website, “your webmaster in his turn filed suit against the Bilderberg Foundation and its Dutch members- specifically (Prime minister) Balkenende and (queen) Beatrix- for among other things conspiring with foreign entities and undermining the Dutch state.”

After the counter-complaint by Kat, the matter passed like a rustle in the wind. So keen on preserving its secrecy, Bilderberg obviously didn’t follow through with the complaint for fear of exposing itself to the public eye.

Micha Kat is one of the few journalists in the Netherlands, if not the only one, to follow the Bilderbergers wherever they go, thereby performing the duties so thoroughly neglected by the mainstream media.

In the following fragment Kat is being hurried out of a committee-hearing claiming to “investigate the role of the Central Bank in regards to the economic crisis”. The committee of course did nothing of the kind. Instead the whole thing was nothing less than a clever attempt to redirect public anger by claiming to put the fire to the feet of the central banksters, while actually letting them off the hook. Because of the overall inaction displayed at the formal hearing, Micha Kat confronted president of the Dutch central bank and Trilateral Commission/Bilderberg member Nout Wellink with his ties to those groups:

After Kat was removed from the scene, the chairman of the committee actually apologized to Wellink for the disturbance. This, I’m forced to report, is the state of affairs in the Netherlands. Things are not looking better when we consider the mainstream media, practicing self-censorship like it’s going out of style.

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