June 2, 2013

After negotiations by Hertfordshire police liaison officers, we are excited to announce that a site inside the fabulously scenic Grove Hotel grounds has been confirmed to house key Bilderberg Fringe events.

From Friday 7th through to Sunday 9th the ‘Bilderberg Speakers Corner’ will feature an exclusive programme of talks by researchers, journalists and academics as well as performances by comedians and poets set against the remarkable backdrop of the hotel next to the entrance used by Bilderberg delegates to access the conference.

Headline figures include internationally respected researchers David Icke, Alex Jones (Infowars), journalists Charlie Skelton and Tony Gosling, Dan Dicks (Press For Truth), Luke Rudkowski (We Are Change) and Jurriaan Maessen (Explosive News), who will come together for the first time on the Bilderberg conference site itself to expose the workings of this secretive geopolitical elite.

It has also been confirmed that national and international media will be attending in force. In a response to media requests, Bilderberg Conference organisers will be asked to deliver an official statement on the workings of their private meeting.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for this peaceful celebration of freedom and democracy to take place at the conference site and the first time that the Bilderberg Group have been so squarely confronted by transparency campaigners.

The venue for the Bilderberg after-party on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night will be confirmed shortly – watch this space!!!

We look forward to meeting and networking all attendees on June 6-9th, set to be the most memorable weekend in Bilderberg history.



Delegates usually enter the site from lunchtime on Thursday (6th June) and depart on the morning of Sunday (9th June) – so if you want to take a souvenir photo of a royal, a banker, or a politician, these are the peak times.
Keynote speakers David Icke and Alex Jones will speak on Saturday afternoon whilst Friday and Sunday will also be jam-packed with speakers, comedians, healing ceremonies and spoken word. The website will be updated with timings, so check back soon.

Bilderberg delegates themselves are welcome to take advantage of free reiki sessions any time between 9am – 8pm.


Bring costumes, musical instruments, cameras, picnics, placards, hula hoops and harmonicas… Get creative and express yourself freely! It all adds to the atmosphere.

Invite friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, activists and journalists. This is a unique opportunity to make a stand for transparency and accountability within an elitist political culture – so spread the word.


Mainstream media, live internet streaming and a host of alternative news outlets will be stationed with us at the Grove gates. The Bilderberg Welcoming Committee is hosting a press tent where media representatives will be provided with up-to-date information on the conference.

Live streaming from the Grove will be available on various channels and will feature here on this website.


This will be an action-packed weekend, so many of us are looking for places to stay. We have very limited space still available at a local campsite – email [email protected] for more details.

The Grove Hotel is surrounded by beautiful areas of park, woodland and fields that provide perfect potential camping areas. Be sure to contact relevant authorities, farmers and private owners first to obtain permission to pitch your tent.
Alternatively, if you choose not to camp but want to stay over for a night or two, Watford has many bed and breakfasts which are listed online.

Nearby Watford tube and Watford Junction station run till late so it is possible to join with the day’s activities and then return to London should you wish to do so.

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