June 9, 2008

Did the Bilderbergers expect activists demonstrating outside of the Marriott to engage in violence? Or is it simply routine for them to tote what appears to be automatic weapons? As the video and capture here demonstrate, the goons attached to Bilderberg security were heavily armed — and were not shy when it came to showing the activists they are potentially violent thugs, no different than the sort of knuckle draggers and bodyguards surrounding Mafia dons.

  Bilderberg military-type security goon shows his Heckler and Koch MP5 submachine gun.

Due to the poor quality and compression of the YouTube video at left, it is difficult to see the barrel of the weapon the man in the back of the black SUV cradles as “security” trails a limo likely containing a Bilderberg criminal or criminals — and all Americans attending the meeting were criminals, as they were in violation of the Logan Act — but the screen capture above, after Photoshop manipulation, shows the weapon a bit more closely. It appears this thug was anxious to show his weapon to the anti-Bilderberg demonstrators. People catching a glimpse of this weapon believe it was a Heckler and Koch MP5 submachine gun, or possibly the semiautomatic derivative known as the SP89.

Of course, it makes sense the Bilderbergers would be surrounded by “security,” obviously provided by the government — since the government is owned by the Bilderberegers, this figures — and would also dispatch psychological warfare teams to attack the opposition. It makes sense because the Bilderbergers now feel threatened, thanks to the work of Alex Jones, Jim Tucker, and a growing number of activists. As should be expected, they are now reacting in the only way they know how, as global mobsters — by threatening to use violence against their enemies.

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