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March 16, 2008

Bilderberg on Inflation (1957):

One of the American participants believed that in spite of current talk of a recession, inflation was still the biggest long-term danger to the American economy, since it was still fundamentally expansionist; in fact present rumors of a business recession were probably mainly due to the measures the Government had introduced against an inflation which threatened America’s defense posture as well as the basic health of her economy.

It certainly sounds like an American Bilderberger blamed the Federal Government for making inflation worse.

  In order for a North American Monetary Union to be necessary, we need to debase the currency to make progress with regional economic integration.

We can assuredly trust Bill Clinton’s word when he says NAFTA wasn’t discussed at Bilderberg in 1991. However, during the Bilderberg Conference in Fiuggi, Italy October 4-6, 1957 the group discussed worldwide trade, European Integration and a political union of countries.

The European Union was actually started in 1951 as the High Authority and for half a century they acted as if they had power until eventually the EU became a new country called Europe (formerly a continent).

Dr. Robert Pastor says we need to create a new "North American Country". Although he gave a similar speech to the U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate and Canadian Parliament, it is only when he is talking to one of the owners of the Federal Reserve and current Honorary Chairman of the CFR does he use the phrase "North American Country".

Dr. Pastor is the CFR Task Force on Integration. It’s clear their goal is to convert all the continents of the world to integrated European Union-style suprastates. Dr. Pastor has written laws that have been introduced by U.S. Senators (e.g. the North American Investment Fund) and he was instrumental in creating both NAFTA and the SPP.

Here are the six steps to Economic Integration:

1. Preferential trading area
2. Free trade area
3. Customs union
4. Common market
5. Economic and monetary union
6. Complete economic integration

We’ve already achieved the first two. There is the proposed customs union of NAFTA. Of course, the European Union’s founding began with managed "free" trade agreements. In order for a North American Monetary Union to be necessary, we need to debase the currency to make progress with regional economic integration.

The 1957 Bilderberg meeting on the European Union:

Besides discussing economic integration in Europe in its opening session, the Conference spent some time at the end of its agenda in considering the European Common Market and Free Trade Area…In general, the American participants welcomed the creation of a European Common Market and Atomic Pool…

They were confident that the Common Market would be a step towards greater freedom in world trade as a whole. This was the purpose of the plan, although in some cases adjustments had had to be made so that particular interests would not be too drastically affected.

Now that the internal pattern had been settled in the Common Market Treaty, attention would concentrate increasingly on relations with third countries; the Free Trade Area would be the next step in the process of European economic integration.

One of the European participants from outside the Common Market area said that his country, while sharing some of the American apprehensions regarding the Common Market, hoped that a way could be found of grafting the Free Trade Area on to it. The main obstacle to British and Scandinavian participation in the Common Market was its function as a step towards political union among the countries concerned.

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