Ring of steel being erected around site of elitist confab as terror lock down goes into effect

Paul Joseph Watson
June 4, 2013

Alex Jones along with Infowars reporters Paul Joseph Watson, Richard Reeves and Lee Ann McAdoo visited the site of the Bilderberg 2013 confab and observed a ring of steel being erected around the perimeter of the Grove hotel before they were unceremoniously ejected by security staff last night.

After taking pictures of the grounds and filming several videos, the reporters visited the Grove’s main restaurant to eat dinner, only to be confronted within 15 minutes by Grove security staff who insisted they all leave. Jones insisted that he be allowed to pay the bill so as to protect against being set up as a thief, but security officials refused to provide any documentation.

During the exchange, several staff members working at the hotel approached Alex Jones and thanked him for his work, indicating that many of the employees at the Grove are aware of the Bilderberg Group and may be willing to share information about the behavior of its members at a later date.

Grove security followed the Infowars reporters to their vehicle and another employee followed the car until it had exited the hotel’s long driveway. As Jones and Watson continued to film at the entrance to the hotel, Reeves and McAdoo observed police, who were obviously on the lookout for Jones, pulling people over at random for questioning.

Security staff again refused to divulge why they were ejecting Jones and his crew, only saying that they had been asked to do so by the security services.

The paranoid reaction to Jones’ presence at the Hotel days before the start of the Bilderberg conference comes in the aftermath of the Grove refusing to honor reservations made by Jones and his crew, which were canceled last week.

The Grove itself is currently in the early stages of a security lock down, with a steel fence being erected around the perimeter of the grounds in order to keep out protesters.

Police have also confirmed that anti-terror laws will be used to set up a no fly zone around the area of the Grove, despite there being no actual terror threat.

“It must be recognised that there will be a number of high-profile people involved in going to this event and with previous terrorist events we have had not intel that something would happen,” Watford Chief Inspector Nick Caveney told the Watford Observer.

The cost of providing security for the conference will run into the millions, part of which is being covered by taxpayers, something that is causing increasing resentment amongst local residents.

Yesterday, Watford Borough Council cabinet member Mark Watkin labeled the security operation surrounding Bilderberg as “disgraceful”.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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