The Bilderberg Group released a statement this week claiming they “welcome interest in the conference.” It didn’t feel particularly welcoming when we were followed and harassed by police while hiking up a mountain miles away from the location of the elitist confab.

The day began with myself and Josh Owens being questioned and searched yet again by police merely for taking long range video footage of the Inter-Alpen hotel.

The cops should probably know who we are by now since they have our mugshots plastered on the wall at the main checkpoint, where we have shown our papers countless times this week already.

After deciding to take a hike up the mountain, Rob Dew approached police officers near the entrance of the Inter-Alpen to ask for directions. He was almost immediately swarmed by no less than seven police officers who surrounded him and didn’t appear to be too keen to help.

After meeting some other journalists from Poland ( half way up the mountain, we suddenly encountered police who claimed they were “checking for paragliders” who might dare unwittingly violate the no fly zone that is being enforced with the aid of military radar equipment.

Despite it being fairly obvious that the three journalists who were panting and soaked in sweat having just scaled a mountain were not “paragliders,” the cops again photographed our IDs and searched our bags while Dew began educating them about what freedom of the press is supposed to mean. Then came the creepy part. They started following us up the rest of the mountain on foot.

When we reached the summit – the site of the no fly zone radar station – more police were waiting for us at the restaurant and followed us again when we so much as walked ten feet from our table while suggesting we weren’t properly accredited “international journalists” (there aren’t any mainstream media journalists covering a meeting of over 100 of the most powerful people on the planet), and that journalism was “bad”.

After Dew attempted to engage them in polite conversation about how they were protecting war criminals like Henry Kissinger while harassing journalists, one of the officers suddenly grabbed Dew on the shoulder and ordered him to sit down.

“Be quiet now,” barked the cop.

The other officers then began to take more photographs of us as we filmed the mountains and the Inter-Alpen hotel.

When we reached the bottom of the mountain we were immediately glared at by another officer. During an interview with the designated police press officer, the cops began taking yet more photographs of us for no apparent reason.

If you think that all this suggests Bilderberg ‘welcomes interest in the conference’ then you’re probably just as deluded as they are.

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