Publicity shy Bilderberg members were surprised to see Infowars journalists when they stepped outside for lunch at the site of the secretive confab today, with Google CEO Eric Schmidt, James Wolfensohn and Étienne Davignon all being caught on camera.

Although the elitist gathering got into full swing today with a series of intensive meetings, numerous Bilderberg members took the time out to enjoy lunch and drinks on the patio of the Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen.

Given that snapping Bilderberg members in their natural environment is somewhat akin to photographing wild animals, the opportunity to take pictures of the global elite as they schmoozed on the terrace was a rare opportunity.

Having previously prevented press from entering the area immediately adjacent to the Marriott Hotel, photographers were allowed to peer through a metal fence so long as they didn’t shout at the delegates.

Bilderberg organizers also took the time out to drink in the pleasant surroundings on another warm day in Copenhagen.

As the delegates began to shuffle back inside, two police officers arrived to video tape members of the press on the other side of the fence.

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