Kurt Nimmo
June 9, 2011

Irked by growing coverage of their formerly secret event, the Bilderbergers are erecting a veil around the hotel at St. Moritz in the Engadine valley of Switzerland. In the exclusive Infowars.com video below, journalist Aaron Dykes reports on the linen wall.

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Since Alex Jones bullhorned the globalist clique in 2006, activists and journalists have interrupted the event and dispensed with its former shroud of secrecy. Two Alex Jones films – Endgame and The Obama Deception – cover the Bilderberg meetings and have unmasked the myth that it is little more than a harmless gathering of elite insiders, royalty, and chosen functionaries in business, government, and the corporate media.

Infowars.com reported today that a number of key players have arrived and were identified despite the outlandish effort to conceal the meeting. Aaron Dykes reports that the neocon and international war criminal Richard Perle was spotted along with the former Microsoft chairman Bill Gates and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen. Our team in Switzerland is working to confirm the identities.

Jones and a new generation of Bilderberg watchers are indebted to the venerable journalist and “the doyen of Bilderberg hunters,” Jim Tucker, who has been a thorn in their side since 1975, back in the day when few knew about the influential group that was established by the former Nazi Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands in 1954.

Alexander Benesch from Infokreig talks with Infowars.com about increased security at the elite confab:

Watch live video from Alex Jones Live! on Justin.tv

Infowars.com and Alex Jones would like to give a special thanks to Midas Resources for its support of our Bilderberg 2011 coverage.

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