Make It Eight, eh?
July 19, 2010

At 84, it seemed odd that Queen Elizabeth II made a special trip to New York to pay respect to the 9/11 victims, and in addressing the  U.N. assembly claimed, “the waging of peace is the hardest form of leadership of all.” We don’t usually hear the term, “waging of” followed by anything other than “war”. So, in this case, it was indeed an odd twist.

But, the comment is actually in keeping with the intent of the globalist leaders that, according to Queen Elizabeth II, must wage peace  to address the issues of “terrorism” and “climate change”. The Bilderberg Group must have been comforted to get the support of the Queen of England. And, it would seem, the Bilderberg influence has shaped U.S. military efforts over the past while as well. The “waging of peace” has support by those responsible to sell the concept to the American people and the world.

We could look at the “waging of peace” as the military strategy for Iraq. The trickle in strategy of U.S. troops would suggest a war of occupation not with intent of “victory”.

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The Bilderbergers, looking for world domination,  would have no reason to win and leave the Middle East – not if they were intending on controlling the world. They would need to spin the occupation as a war of peace; the selling feature would have to be to sell the need to  build the democratic infrastructure of government, and eventually do the same for Afghanistan.  In 2007 and beyond, The Bilderberg Group would need a marketing plan to sell the occupation war. They would require a team of marketers with credibility, stature and title.

They had their team – Retired General John (Jack) Keane and Jessica T. Mathews, President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Both long-term Bilderberg attendees – especially at critical times leading in to 2007. Both attending the 2006 Bilderberg meeting in Ottawa, and the 2007 meeting in Turkey. And yes, of course they were attendees in Spain this year.

In January 2007, John Keane and Fred Kagan (no relation to Elena Kagan) wrote “Choosing Victory: A Plan for Success in Iraq” which supported the implementation of 30,000 more troops into Iraq, because , “Kagan emphasized that it was critical to reduce the levels of violence before attempting any political solution”. The trickle in strategy was underway, and the strategy to occupy was being sold to the U.S. citizens.

2008 was the election year in the U.S., and with November fast approaching, Obama was poised to suggest a troop withdrawal as a selling feature of his candidacy. As we all know, whether a Democrat or Republican, the voters of America were getting a Bilderberg rep, whose job it would be to continue the agenda of world domination, occupation and control.

In June 2008, an article came out by the Independent in the UK entitled, “Revealed: Secret plan to keep Iraq under U.S. control”. Secret or not, it would affect Obama’s promise to the people who promised the troops could start to withdraw. Bilderberg had their way again.

In the video below, Jessica Mathews, in the Iraq Debate in 2007, sells the war to suggest it necessary as a means of peace – a ” political ” battle.

According to Mathews, there was only a “political solution”, suggesting there was no sense to  pull out or to push to “win” the war by deploying the number of troops that later would be  proven the argument as well for Afghanistan.

Recently, General McChrystal sought  the means to “win” by a surgence of troops (80,000).  Obama, the puppet of the Bilderbergers had to counter-argue and replaced McChrystal with Petraeus, citing, among other things that they had to make ” …. sure we’re doing a good job in building capacity on the civilian side.”

McChrystal, frustrated with the lack of military force  in Afghanistan, was critical of  Richard C. Holbrooke, a Bilderberger on the inside, holding title of Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan. Did he realize the Bilderberg Group never intended on leaving the region or winning?  And, wasn’t it fitting that John Keane’s good friend taking over the Afghan mission, Gen. Petraeus, said he is in it to win it. Good luck general!

In the Iraq War debate in Senate, Republican  John Warner,” one of the Republican Party’s most respected voices on military affairs” could not hold his disgust, as can be seen in this video:

David Frost, looking much older than in his historic interviews with President Nixon during the Watergate Scandal, allowed John Keane to summarize for us the sales points of the wars that were sold as political structure building in countries far removed from the United States. Ironic, isn’t it, that the Bilderberg Group is currently destroying the free world, and Keane explains how America is “freeing” the Middle East?

Are we to believe that the enemies were CIA groomed operatives by the names of Bin Laden and Hussein? Or would the Bilderberg Group have used the “boogie men” to create the reason to occupy the Middle East, to surround Iran, and effect their plan for world government and world domination? And as importantly, were Bilderberg members Jessica Mathews and  John Keane the sales agents to sell the continuation of the wars in the region?

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