Bill Clinton has fought criticisms that his wife and the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is part of the “establishment” following opponents’ claims that she has ties with Wall Street, has accepted speech money from various banks and has worked for most of her life within politics.

“The only thing I really dislike about this campaign is whenever somebody endorses Hillary, they get blasted on the email, on the internet, for being part of the establishment,” Mr Clinton said to a small crowd in New York. “It’s a pretty big establishment now.

“I mean it includes the Congressional Black Caucus, Planned Parenthood, the Human Rights Campaign, the League of Conservation Voters, several Hispanic organisations – most of the Irish – and I could go on and on.”

Mr Clinton was making the point that his wife is working for the people. He highlighted her work to unify Ireland and other countries, her policies on healthcare and her wish to expand voting rights in southern states.

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