A billboard promoting leftist comedian Bill Maher’s HBO show was transformed into a giant NPC meme by conservative street artists.

The group, known as The Faction, who previously dotted the Hollywood Walk of Fame with Trump stars last summer, tweeted out an image of the altered billboard on Sunday.

“Sometimes we go high up to put out the signal. This time it was 6 stories,” the group tweeted.

The altered billboard features Maher with the iconic NPC (non-playable character) face, promoting his show “Real Time” on “NPC” instead of HBO, with the tagline, “The whole narrative and nothing but.”

Last August, The Faction triggered Hollywood after covering the Walk of Fame with Donald Trump stars after numerous videos surfaced showing people defacing and eventually destroying Trump’s original Hollywood star.

“Keep taking down the @realDonaldTrump star, and we will further spread Trump Derangement Syndrome by installing a never ending stream of stars,” the group had warned.


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