HBO host Bill Maher accused Democrats of appearing “weak” as he slammed the Democratic National Committee for excluding Fox News from hosting any debates among 2020 candidates vying for the Democratic presidential nomination.

“You want to be in the big leagues, but you refuse to play an away game?” the liberal comedian said on his show late Friday. “You don’t like the questions that Fox News might ask, so you’re deciding to not take any questions at all? How very Trump of you.”

“This is a fundamental problem with the Democratic Party,” said Maher. “They look weak, running from a fight when they should be in there throwing punches. Republicans never shy away from coming on this show, and they come with a smile on their face despite knowing that the only people in the crowd cheering them on are the three campaign aides they brought with them.”

In response, Sen. Ben Cardin, D-Md., said it was important for Democrats to “participate on all news networks” and said that he has appreciated the opportunities he’s had to appear on Fox News during an interview on the cable network.

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