During a chat with American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis on his Real Time show, host Bill Maher noted that everyone is “politically incorrect” during private conversations and that social media just makes everyone sound like robots.

Maher made the point that “social justice warriors” do not actually care about justice and are actually in pursuit of clicks.

“Here’s what’s wrong with social justice warriors. They’re not interested in justice. They’re interested in clicks,” said the liberal host.

Maher went on to point out that social media has created outrage mobs that try to scalp anyone who doesn’t repeat the same glib talking points, when in reality everyone is “politically incorrect” in private conversations.

“What’s so exhausting about this is the lack of trust,” Maher lamented. “When we’re just with our own friends, in a place that’s not public, we’re funny, we’re politically incorrect, we all do it. And then in public, and public now means on Twitter, social media, Facebook. I always say that’s like our Avatar. It looks like us, it sounds like us, but it’s this whole other person who talks like a robot. And can’t you just trust me after all these years that I’m not on the wrong side of these issues? And it’s like, no we can’t because we’re just trying to get you, your scalp and clicks!”

Bret Easton Ellis agreed, explaining that millennial outrage culture was a backlash to Generation X, who were more cool and nihilistic.

Charles M. Blow, a New York Times opinion columnist whose far-left articles routinely trend on Twitter thanks to social justice warriors mass tweeting them, disagreed with both Maher and Ellis.

Imagine my shock.

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