Serving as a microcosm of the Obama administration, a real estate developer partially demolished the reputed birthplace of the Bill of Rights.

The developer, Triple Crown Corp., secured a permit to demolish a two-story stone building, formerly known as James Bell Tavern, in Silver Spring Township, Penn., but by the time a third of the building was destroyed, the city stopped the demolition because officials realized the Bill of Rights was conceived at the tavern during a 1788 meeting.

“How appropriate that part of the building has been torn down while other parts remain,” commenter W.C. Handy wrote to the local Sentinel Newspaper. “We have a Congress that is so intent on destroying the Bill of Rights… the building as it stands now is rather indicative of the current state of our Bill of Rights.”

“Why not leave the building as it is to serve as a reminder to us all?”

Another commenter pointed out that, just like the Obama administration, the developer stopped the demolition for now, but may continue in the near future.

“Triple Crown sued the township back in the late 90s over sewer tapping fees, and it will sue again to clear the path for commercial development on the site of Bell Tavern if the township doesn’t get out of its way come time to finish the demolition,” OldTimer84 wrote. “You can’t put the genie back in the bottle.”

The tavern, built in 1780, hosted a July 3, 1788 meeting of Anti-Federalists who opposed the ratification of the U.S. Constitution without a Bill of Rights.

The goal of the meeting was “to consider and devise a plan the most likely to succeed in obtaining amendments [a Bill of Rights] to the new Constitution,” according to the meeting’s proceedings.

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