Tonight on MSNBC, liberal radio host Bill Press was on Politics Nation with Al Sharpton to discuss both today’s primaries and Obama scandals in general. During the course of the discussion, Press made the following casual, caustic observation:

“Let’s remember, Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land. And the people who are ignoring the law are the Governors who won’t put Medicaid in their states, or these House Republicans who tried to repeal it 54 times. This is just another big lie. But you know, on the conspiracies you’re right. They went after Obamacare, they were gonna run on that this year, that ran out of gas because it’s doing so well. So now they’ve turned to Benghazi. This is soon gonna run out of gas, what’s next? The VA. I’ll bet you. That’s what they’re gonna run on next.”

It’s a conspiracy theory, says Press. Obamacare, Benghazi, and the VA are all non-issue conspiracy theories. Press hasn’t a care in the world about the fact that veterans are dying waiting for care. He doesn’t care about fixing a serious problem. He doesn’t care about who is responsible. It’s just some fluffed up, phony Fox scandal. Sharpton agrees and calls the VA story “conspiracy” and “fear-mongering.” Remember the word conspiracy.

This is where the segment gets ridiculously meta. Sharpton turns to Joe Madison next, who, among other things, has this to say:

“They are priming the pump for impeachment. That’s what they are doing. And they don’t care whether or not it’s the law, they want to ruin this man’s legacy and that’s what this is about. And they can get a two-fer, because they can go after his legacy and then turn around and you’ll see these same points if Hillary Clinton decides to run.”

Madison goes on to say that Democrats have got to understand what’s happening with the Republican “scheme.” Scheme? It’s almost as if Madison is suggesting that Republicans are engaging in a coordinated bit of subterfuge to endorse conspiracy theories in order to achieve ulterior goals as part of some large, secret “scheme” they are hiding from America.

Is there a word for that sort of enterprise? It seems like there is.

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