February 28, 2014

After undergoing another metamorphosis, a bill to end cooperation with the implementation of Obamacare in Georgia emerged from the House Judiciary committee and moved on to the full House with a favorable report.

While HB707 no longer prohibits all state cooperation with the implementation of the ACA, it still provides a strong foundation for Obamacare nullification.

Now known as the Georgia Health Care Freedom Act, HB707 addresses Obamacare in five ways.

1. It prohibits any state agencies, departments or political subdivisions from using resources or spending funds to advocate for the expansion of Medicaid. This provision works hand-in-hand with HB990 to make it more difficult to expand Medicaid. HB990 would require legislative approval for expansion of the program, barring the governor from doing it by executive order.

2. Prohibits the state of Georgia from running an insurance exchange.

3. Refuses and federal grant money for the purpose of creating or running a state insurance exchange.

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