John Dunn
WZTV Fox 17
May 6, 2009

Tennessee lawmakers may soon send the federal government a loud message — hands off our guns.

[efoods]A new law is under consideration that would say if firearms are manufactured and sold inside the state of Tennessee, federal gun law would not apply.

Visit any gun store right now, and youll hear the same story.

Gun buyers are stocking up on weapons, and ammunition is in short supply.

“It is a very significant fear for a lot of Tennesseans,” says John Harris, Executive Director of the Tennessee Firearms Association

Harris says gun owners are worried. They believe the Federal government may soon restrict certain weapons.

“But it’s our way to make a statement to say this is Tennessee. These our are guns,” says Rep. Henry Fincher, (D) Cookeville.

Now, lawmakers have proposed a new bill called the Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act.

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