July 19, 2009

The Associated Press reports:

Some Americans put out of work by the latest recession are driving past billboards with messages like: “Interesting fact about recessions … they end.”

Another reads: “Self worth is greater than net worth.” A third says: “This will end long before those who caused it are paroled.”

Drivers across America are seeing those and similar messages as part of a billboard campaign dubbed “Recession 101” funded by an anonymous East Coast donor who was depressed about how the country was reacting to the economy’s tailspin.

“One of the lines is, ‘Stop obsessing about economy, you’re scaring the children.’ That’s the overriding concept of the thing,” said Robb, founder of Charchin Creative in Florida.

In other words, go back to sleep, never mind the banksters are robbing us blind — your apathy and disinterest are for the children (who will grow up and follow your example).

Thanks to the blogger Cryptogon for finding this article. He posted a scene from John Carpenter’s classic They Live with an excerpt from the news story. It really fits the message.

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