Billionaire venture capitalist and dark money liberal activist Nick Hanauer broke his silence over his company’s failure to pay the $15 minimum wage he publicly supports.

Hanauer took to Twitter when confronted with the Washington Free Beacon’s reportabout wage rates at his family business. The Employment Policies Institute, a free market think tank, asked the company chairman “why do employees of his family biz make much less” than the “#Fightfor15” movement’s recommendations.

Hanauer blamed existing wage laws for the failure of the Pacific Coast Feather Co.’s unwillingness to pay all employees an entry level rate of at least $15.

“Because the min wage is 7.25 an hour. Make me raise wages by raising the minimum wage,” Hanauer responded.

Hanauer is a leading member of the shadowy liberal network called the Democracy Alliance.

An employee at the company noted that entry level jobs at its North Carolina facilities were guided by the state’s minimum wage of $7.25 an hour and the Washington Free Beacon found several news and career websites reporting wages below the $15 rate. A company official declined to comment for the story.

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