There’s a good reason why Hillary Clinton attracts flies, Bill Clinton’s former girlfriend revealed.

Dolly Kyle, who had a relationship with Bill from his youth until he entered the White House, met Hillary in 1974 when she was to pick them up from the airport in Little Rock.

“Remember the Seinfeld episode with the valet parker who smelled bad? The first thing I thought was ‘oh my gosh, I have cloth seats in my car.’ And believe me, I was worried about my car,” Kyle said about Hillary’s body odor. “I had never seen – nor smelled – any woman like that, ever.”

Anonymous sources inside the Secret Service also revealed Hillary still smells “like a dead pig,” and a fly famously landed on Hillary’s face during the second presidential debate.

Interestingly, the fly symbolizes decay, death and corruption in medieval art.

Insects were predominantly used for symbolism in art throughout the Middle Ages, with the fly in particular associated with the dying and corrupt who would soon meet their self-inflicted doom.

“In Christian art, flies symbolize evil, pestilence and sin,” according to the Continuum Encyclopedia of Animal Symbolism in World Art. “The fly was a symbol of the bringers of disease…”

“In the Dutch Vanitas tradition, flies symbolize the fleeting nature of time and the speed with which death arrives.”

Flies hovering over the subjects in Byzantine, Gothic and early Renaissance art symbolized corruption and dereliction of duty as well as the dying.

It’s as if life is imitating art, which is fitting: Hillary’s private political views, as revealed by Wikileaks, imitates the historical tyrannies of ancient Rome and medieval kingdoms.

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