Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins stopped in to chat with conspiracy theory-loving talk show host Alex Jones today and revealed himself to be quite the superfan of the show, touching on just about every possible hot-button subject imaginable.

Over the course of the chat, which kept promising to talk about the Smashing Pumpkins new album Monuments to an Elegy and barely squeezed it in at the end, Corgan traded stories and opinions with Jones, who all the while referred to themselves as “awake.”

Apparently he’s not the only one, either, as Corgan noted Tommy Lee was also “awake”—meaning they’re aware of the goings-on behind the scenes that some might consider conspiracy theories and other things generally going against the norm.

“Many artists are because they have been behind the wizard’s curtain,” Corgan said.

The pair discussed the Anderson Cooper controversy in depth, in which Corgan was derided by the CNN host after he posed with his pets on the cover of PAWS Chicago, with Corgan alluding to a much bigger media conspiracy.

““When you are looking at your local media,” Corgan said, “and this is looking like propaganda, know that these people are not conscious, they are put in place because they are bootlickers.”

When asked if he was worried that the CIA would target him like they reportedly did John Lennon, Corgan responded that instead, now they “digitally assassinate you,” a point he would later refer back to—also decrying the “lack of political music right now compared to the 1960s.”

The two touched on all sorts of subjects, from Ferguson and the protests surrounding them, to 9/11, to chem trails, to the Illuminati.

“We have to see what’s happening,” Corgan said about the current state of the world. “If there are nefarious forces at work, they are willing to use our humanity against us. They don’t care about people taking vaccines with horrible things in them. They don’t care about autism rates.”

Near the end of the talk, the pair went back into the possibilities of the government killing artists, both literally and digitally. “Most totalitarian governments kill the artists second,” Corgan said, “they kill the weakest first, then they kill the strongest.”

When they finally did get to Monuments to an Elegy, Jones asked what the title meant. “I dunno, things just fall out of my head,” Corgan joked.

Of course, Corgan was well aware of the soundbyte nature of his talks, saying midway “literally everything I say is trolled for quotes.” Ay!

Hear the rest of Jones and Corgan’s discussion about the current state of affairs below.

Corgan was on air promoting the Pumpkins’ new album Monuments to an Elegy, which is out this week. It’s the band’s first album since 2012’s Oceania. Another album, Day for Night, is planned for 2015.

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