Facebook users should question their participation with the company after it refused to remove an “Assassinate Donald Trump” page, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan told Infowars Tuesday.

Encouraging users of social media to harness its power for good, while at the same time recognize that corporations embrace agendas antithetical to one’s own interests, Corgan said people should continually re-examine whether benefits outweigh costs.

“It takes a little more savvy – if we’re in the ‘infowar’ – it takes just a little bit more savvy to know how to get into those systems in a way that we can leverage our own position, just like the social justice warriors do, but at the same time, not resort to the kind of the scummy side of it all, which is kind of leading people astray.”

“You have to start by identifying that the most powerful thing in the world right now are these technocratic systems that are in place – search engines, the way we connect on these social media platforms – governments have either encouraged these things to come along, or quickly realizes that they are the new arms of control.”

“And so you have to ask yourself whether your participation in these systems is actually enslaving you. Then you have to drill down a little further and you have to want to ask questions about if what your doing and participating in is truly as open as it seems.”

Corgan specifically highlighted an example last month in which Facebook refused to delete a page calling for the assassination of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump claiming it didn’t violate its “community standards.”

“You see it all the time… as somebody who’s in the world and I have to watch what I say, when you see a page that’s literally “Assassinate Donald Trump” – and I believe Facebook comes out and says that doesn’t violate our standards and practices – OK, that’s where somebody like myself has to ask, ‘Is my participation in the Facebook system – and I would call it a system – am I actually encouraging something that as an American I would find offensive?’”

“So you have to be sophisticated enough to look at those systems and say, ‘is my participation encouraging something that I know deep down is intrinsically not only flawed, but counterintuitive to what I want to be part of?’”

“In essence, your participation is condonement.”

While acknowledging he currently relies on the social media platform for business, Corgan says he tries to remain vigilantly conscious of its negative aspects, but has not yet come to a decision on whether to leave the social media giant.

“If you’re not having that argument in your own head then you’re not participating and then to use Alex’s term, you’re just a drone who’s just following around and your pretending you have no influence, and you really do.”

Watch – Lee Ann McAdoo breaks down some of what Corgan spoke about during his visit to Infowars:

Watch – Alex Jones’ full interview with Corgan below:

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