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August 20, 2012

Is the anticipation overwhelming you? In December, Sony Pictures will release Zero Dark Thirty, the movie that some have called “the most expensive political ad ever made.” But a trailer was just released.

photoMovie to be released December 2012

At US$30 million, it’s not big by Hollywood standards, but it’s a movie that is bound to get a lot of attention because it purports to tell how the US tracked and killed the world’s Number One “most wanted” terrorist, Osama bin Laden.

It is not the Final Act, however. The Final Act is yet to come.

Those involved with the film deny a political agenda. The President is not “depicted” we’re informed. And a lot of people are going to be “surprised.” yet the whole scenario is political. The only way we’ll be surprised is if the film shows the apparent truth of the matter: Bin Laden wasn’t there. If anyone was shot, it was likely a patsy.

This phase of phony history has been conjured for various reasons. Perhaps to close a narrative that had become inconvenient, and in doing so to reinforce the election chances of yet another apparent CIA intel-asset, US President Barack Obama.

He’s going to win one way or another, most probably. The voting machines are electronic these days, aren’t they – and easily reprogrammable? But the “death” helps buttress the larger tale.

Simply by making the film and hewing to the established narrative, those involved must inevitably show off the steady moral purpose of President Barack Obama. It was he, after all, who steadfastly pursued this brutal man until finally he was found in Pakistan, executed and dumped at sea. This is the story surely presented in Zero Dark Thirty.

For those who have figured out what’s really going on in the world and are not afraid to face it, such a movie is ridiculous. It’s not what happened at all. But it does cast further light on the evident and obvious relationship between Hollywood and Washington DC.

It also helps explain why Hollywood is so focused on enforcing copyright and why Washington DC has proven so helpful in supporting the effort – even sending a squad of FBI agents halfway around the world to participate in the takedown of Kim Dotcom and his supposedly copyright-infringing Megaupload.

The bottom line reality is that Hollywood acts as a propaganda outlet for Washington DC, which in turn acts similarly for the global elites that want to run the world formally. Not all movies are outright propaganda. But the necessary ones are.

The conspiracy to build world government has been ongoing for some 100 years … perhaps 300. It involves the constant building of facilities like the UN, IMF, World Bank and other globalist institutions.

It is funded by central banks, presumably owned or controlled by the dynastic families involved in the top level of this conspiracy. One hundred years ago there were a few central bank and today there are about 150.

These elitists are trying to create world government via directed history, a state of affairs in which they use war, economic depressions and authoritarian regulation to frighten people and make them helpless and malleable. At every turn, further laws are passed that support globalization.

Within this context, the war on terror and the role of Osama bin Laden as the world’s chief terrorist makes perfect sense. Like a snake, the modern globalist conspiracy swallows the world in sinuous gulps, stopping every now and then to digest its progress.

The last gulp began, apparently, on 911 and has continued ever since. It is ongoing, driven by a race against the Internet that has actually exposed the conspiracy bit by bit.

Al Qaeda and bin Laden himself were creations of the CIA, and while one can argue about the reality of 9/11, the idea that men squatting in a cave carried it off is likely far off the mark. No one is under any obligation to provide a narrative for 9/11, only to observe it did not happen as the official story presents it. Bin Laden himself denied participation.

Nonetheless, he was pursued to Afghanistan, at which point he and the rest of his fighters, along with senior Taliban fighters, were allowed to leave for Pakistan. This has been amply documented. “Enemy” forces were surrounded on three sides and left on via the fourth.

After this, bin Laden, for years released a series of videos exhorting the faithful to destroy the West. But not really. By then, bin Laden was probably already dead. Benazir Bhutto announced his death to David Frost early in the 2000s, claiming he was murdered. His death had been announced even before, in a Fox News report.

Perhaps he died in a hospital, his kidneys failing from the larger condition called Marfan Syndrome, or perhaps he died violently. Either way he died. All the videos the CIA released were evidently fake.

The supposed death in 2011 was laughable. Eyewitnesses contradict Washington DC’s cover story. No photos were released. No DNA. Who knows who died, or if anyone died? The SEALS started talking about the “mission,” and suddenly a number of them perished in a helicopter crash.

This is how a mob hit works. First an execution takes place, and then the actors themselves are done away with.

And now … another Act as a Hollywood movie purports to tell us what happened.

It is not the Final Act, of course. That will only occur when the actual truth is revealed.

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