Women afraid manmade climate change may soon cause a global extinction are pledging not to have children.

Appearing on BBC 2 last week, two women discussed how their fears of an impending climate catastrophe has driven them to join the “BirthStrike” movement, where women abstain from procreation due to the inevitability of a climate apocalypse.

“There are people out there that are so scared about this that they feel they actually can’t have a family.”

“Our planet is in a kind of collapse,” described BirthStrike founder Blythe Pepino. “The natural world is collapsing around us and that’s actually happening right now.”

Pepino says after “freaking out” that “authorities” were not actively working to stave off the crisis, she opted not to have children.

Another woman claimed she lives everyday in fear that the world could end any minute, and that she doesn’t want to pass that fear onto a baby.

“I mean, each day for me is a struggle,” said BirthStrike member Alice Brown. “…I’m just so depressed, and that has led to a fear that I’ve never felt before. And my decision for being on birth strike mostly has come from not wanting to pass that fear on to someone else.”

Brown goes on to list various information sources promoting climate hysteria which have led her to believe human extinction is a certainty.

“I feel so hopeless over how… You know, I’m reading just in the last couple of months even that, you know, insect numbers are plummeting so fast it now threatens the collapse of nature. That we’re losing – we’re not “losing” – we’re “destroying” biodiversity so quickly that that threatens our food,” Brown says, adding, “And the UN has said that that could lead to the risk of our extinction. David Attenborough going on TV to say the collapse of civilization could come from this.”

“I know that is so hard to really sit with and take in but I have done that and that has led to just a fear that I’ve never felt before.”

BirthStrike’s Twitter account describes the group as “The voices of those who have made the decision to not bear children due to the severity of ecological breakdown predictions.”

In order to join BirthStrike, members are required to agree with the “BirthStrike declaration,” which reads:

We, the undersigned, declare our decision to not bear children due to the severity of the ecological crisis and the current inaction of governing forces in the face if this existential threat. Insecurity of future, despair at our species’ relationship to our habitat and each other, channelling time and personal resources to ‘change work’ i.e. activism and rebellion, are all typical of our reasoning.

Furthermore, members are asked to agree with a statement detailing how Earth has “entered a 6th Mass Extinction event” and how refusing to have babies is a radical “act of rebellion” in line with the “environmental justice movement.”

‘BirthStrike shows how the threat of ecological disaster is altering the way we imagine our future. It is a radical acknowledgement that our planet has entered a 6th Mass Extinction event due to man made impacts on the environment. BirthStrike stands in solidarity with the environmental justice movement, the academic and scientific community who are encouraging acts of rebellion and widespread system change in order to urgently save our future. BirthStrike stands for fast acting and deep change towards an equality based, sustainable, caring and non-violent future for humans and between all life on earth.’

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