Hillary Clinton has still not gotten over losing the election to Donald Trump. In a new ‘afterward’ for her book (who knew that was even a thing?) she slams the President as a racist, saying that “Trump doesn’t even try to pretend he’s a president for all Americans.”

The piece, entitled ‘American Democracy Is in Crisis’ was published by The Atlantic this week, with the catchy subtitle ‘Our democratic institutions and traditions are under siege. We need to do everything we can to fight back.’

The opening sentence oozes bitterness, stating “It’s been nearly two years since Donald Trump won enough Electoral College votes to become president of the United States.”

Hillary still hasn’t gotten over her loss, still blames ‘the system’ and still hasn’t moved on.

“On the day after, in my concession speech, I said, ‘We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.’ I hoped that my fears for our future were overblown. They were not.” Clinton writes.

Within the text, Clinton again labels Trump as an open racist, declaring “It’s hard to ignore the racial subtext of virtually everything Trump says.”

“Often, it’s not even subtext,” she adds, referring to Trump’s infamous statement that some immigrants coming to the US are from “shithole countries.”

“None of this is a mark of authenticity or a refreshing break from political correctness,” Clinton continues, adding “Hate speech isn’t ‘telling it like it is.’ It’s just hate.”

The bitter seething jumps off the page, with Clinton adding “In the roughly 21 months since he took the oath of office, Trump has sunk far below the already-low bar he set for himself in his ugly campaign,”

“Exhibit A is the unspeakable cruelty that his administration has inflicted on undocumented families arriving at the border, including separating children, some as young as eight months, from their parents.” Hillary writes, without noting that the practice was implemented under the Bush administration and allowed to continue for 8 years under Obama before Trump signed an executive order to stop it.

“Then there’s the president’s monstrous neglect of Puerto Rico,” she continues. “After Hurricane Maria ravaged the island, his administration barely responded.”

So around $20 billion in aid is barely a response, apparently.

“Some 3,000 Americans died. Now Trump flatly denies those deaths were caused by the storm,” Hillary adds.

“I don’t know whether Trump ignores the suffering of Puerto Ricans because he doesn’t know that they’re American citizens, because he assumes people with brown skin and Latino last names probably aren’t Trump fans, or because he just doesn’t have the capacity for empathy,” she writes.

Yep, Trump just hates brown people:

And brown people despise Trump:

They must love Hillary:

Towards the conclusion of her rant, Hillary delves into ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ territory, suggesting that Trump is a ‘symptom’ rather than a cause of democracy “crisis.”

“Over many years, our defenses were worn down by a small group of right-wing billionaires—people like the Mercer family and Charles and David Koch—who spent a lot of time and money building an alternative reality where science is denied, lies masquerade as truth, and paranoia flourishes,” Clinton writes.

Who is living in an alternative reality?

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