Kurt Nimmo
August 31, 2011

In the video below, Congress critters Al Green, Frederica Wilson, Maxine Waters, Cedric Richmond and Andre Carson attack the Tea Party and accuse it of racism.

Playing the race card against the Tea Party is the only ammo Democrats have to fight against the growing movement toward a restoration of our constitutional republic.

But it is isn’t simply Democrats who fear the Tea Party. Republicans hate it too, as the daughter of John McCain revealed last year.

Neocons hate the Tea Party too. That’s why they are hyping the faux Tea Party candidate Rick Perry and have said nice things about Sarah Palin, who urged Obama to attack Iran. Perry is a Bilderberg elitist and Palin an outright neocon. The other supposed Tea Party candidate, Michele Bachman, who lavished praise on George W. Bush, is so desperate to win the election she is now promising to wave a magical wand and reduce gas prices.

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Establishment Republicans – who are looters of wealth the same as their supposed ideological foes the Democrats – went out of their way to sabotage the Tea Party and turn it into a cheering section for the One Party state.

Hustlers of color are working overtime to rile up constituents who view the government as a magical ATM. They are inciting violence when they say Tea Party racists want to hang black people from trees and then instruct them to confront members at their homes. If they can’t keep their racket going, they will incite a riot.

The Black Caucus is afraid Tea Party Americans will finally reduce the size of the federal government and end the wealth redistribution scam that has gone largely unchallenged for more than sixty years.

It will take more than a few agents provocateurs at Tea Party rallies with racist signs to convince most Americans that those of us who want a return to the Constitution are members of the Ku Klux Klan (an organization taken over by the FBI under COINTELPRO).

Most people know the Black Caucus is pimping racism and using imagery from an Antebellum South that no longer exists to stir up emotions and keep the grand theft larceny going.

In the video we are told the Tea Party stands against poor people. In fact, the Democrat Black Caucus stands against poor people and black Americans. It is a front for the global elite who are equal opportunity creative destructionists determined to turn America into a third world backwater.

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