A father of six attempting to get to work this week confronted a group of Ferguson protesters as they blocked his vehicle on a San Diego highway.

Tyree Landrum, who was headed to his job at a nearby Ross store, exited his vehicle and began approaching the student protesters as fellow commuters and 10News reporters looked on.

“I got to go to Ross right now, homie. If I don’t get there, I’m going to get fired,” Landrum pleaded. “I’ve got six f*ckin kids to feed, homie. M*ther f*ckers get shot every f*ckin day. Deal with it the right way, not like this.”

Ignoring his clear need to breach the blockade, protesters continued their chants, prompting Landrum to grab the group’s bullhorn.

“We ain’t got no justice either!” Landrum shouted.

Other drivers, including medical professionals trying to get to area hospitals, cheered Landrum on as law enforcement approached in the distance.

Eventually, officers with the San Diego Police Department and California Highway patrol arrived on scene to move protesters off the highway.

Landrum’s encounter has since gone viral on social media, resulting in an outpouring of support.

“What Ross does Tyree work for… A stand up dad trying to make ends meet,” a top rated Facebook comment said. “I will pledge a few bucks for him and I hope others will too. There has been a fund set up in this thread to help Tyree. Please donate even $10 and share so we can all help him out!

Americans, tired of the useless bullying tactics seen from some protesters, have even begun donating to Tyree’s family in response to his confrontation.

“I have lots of respect for Mr Landrum. He’s 100% correct. People need to protest the right way, if they feel an injustice has been done,” another commenter said. “Hurting others (rioting, looting, obstructing traffic, whatever) is totally ridiculous & counter productive to whatever point you’re trying to make. Idiots.

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