The consumer frenzy ‘Black Friday’ has now bled over into Thanksgiving, encroaching upon the American family Holiday. Instead of cherishing the once a year holiday set aside for family get togethers, our society has devolved into celebrating consumerism in the place of traditional festivities. The observance of thankfulness and gratitude has been overcome by the impulse to go shopping.

Millie Weaver Exposes Thanksgiving Day Greed

Alex Jones presents a report by Millie Weaver where, in the evening on Thanksgiving Day 2017, she exposes the greed that has possessed the American public to choose Black Friday over turkey.

Black Friday Ruined By Thanksgiving Sales

After the Thanksgiving sales frenzy, Black Friday has a small turnout.

Consumerism Destroying Family Tradition

Businesses that were closed on Thanksgiving and didn’t jump on the Thanksgiving sales frenzy, appear to have stifled their own Black Friday.

SHOCK VIDEO! Black Friday is Dead

Consumer America shifts Black Friday sales into Thanksgiving, ruining Thanksgiving and killing Black Friday.

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