Leaders of the black church in America are urging African American voters to abandon the Democratic Party once and for all as Election Day approaches.

In new videos released today, Rev. William Owens and his wife Dr. Deborah Owens of the Coalition of African American Pastors say the relationship between the black community and Democrats in America is “one-sided.”

“As someone who wants to see our community grow stronger and more prosperous, and who wants to see family and faith respected and preserved, I find that the Democratic Party no longer has room for me,” says Rev. Owens. “I realized that my relationship with the Democrats was completely one-sided. They asked for everything – support, votes, loyalty. And gave nothing in return.”

Owens, who has personally endorsed Donald Trump for president, adds that for African Americans to “reclaim our power as voters,” it’s necessary to “demonstrate that we won’t allow ourselves to be used.”

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