A University of Kansas college student group associated with the Black Lives Matter movement wants to ban students from carrying concealed firearms on campus.

Issuing a list of 15 demands, the student activist group, entitled Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk, demanded university officials issue a “campus climate survey” and increase the hiring of a more “diverse faculty and staff,” in addition to inexplicably demanding the university to ban concealed carry.

“10. Ban concealed weapons from campus

(Under Kansas law, concealed weapons must be allowed on public university campuses beginning in July 2017. The Kansas Board of Regents currently is seeking input from KU and other universities to develop a policy covering how the new law will be implemented.)”

Earlier this week, the student activist group, chaired by three black students, was successful in urging the Student Executive Committee to sack three white student leaders on the Student Senate who they said did not “stand in solidarity with their black peers and proclaim that Black Lives Matter,” according to the Daily Mail.

“Black students do not feel that the Student Senate provides adequate representation, funding and support for their needs,” a message by the committee said following the 6-3 vote of no confidence.

In an interview with the University Daily Kansan, one of the group’s leaders, Caleb Stephens, described why the group chose to attack the student senators’ First Amendment rights.

“Free speech is very much structured. It’s not kind to people of color,” Stephens told the Kansan. “There is a special weight that free speech carries because it carries a speech that oppresses and continues to oppress black people.”

Following the ouster of University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe last week, who was forced out by students over vague accusations of supporting racism by not speaking out against it, various social justice groups at campuses across the country have issued lists of demands imploring university officialdom to address the oppression of “marginalized students.”

Out of 37 different schools “demanding an end to systemic and structural racism on campus,” Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk appears to be one of the only student activist groups calling for the ban of concealed weapons.

Infowars reached out to Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk about why the group believes campus concealed carry to be oppressing marginalized students and negatively impacting the group’s goals of “inclusion and belonging.”

“There will be blurbs released, but at this time we aren’t speaking with the Press,” Caleb Stephens replied.

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