A prominent Black Lives Matter activist spent Friday afternoon proposing that the work of Dallas cop-killing sniper Micah Xavier Johnson is a conspiracy designed to make the Black Lives Matter movement look bad.

The activist, Johnetta Elzie, took to Twitter to announce her theories.

COINTELPRO — the word comes from a combination of three longer words: Counter Intelligence Program — was a domestic-spying program initiated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1956 to keep tabs on an array of radical fringe groups including Communists, the Ku Klux Klan, the Black Panther Party and the Socialist Workers Party.

The much-criticized program ceased operations in 1971.

Elzie’s verified Twitter account — @Nettaaaaaaaa — describes herself thusly: “I am the stone that the builder refused…the promise of what’s to come. And I’mma remain a soldier till the war is won.”

The domain for her email address, thisisthemovement.org, is a simple website offering some talk of social justice and the opportunity to sign up for a newsletter.

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