The claims that supporters of Donald Trump shouted Nazi slogans and jibes as protesters were removed during scuffles at a rally in Las Vegas Monday night originated with Black Lives Matter protesters.

The mainstream media is spreading the notion that Trump supporters attacked protesters and shouted racist jibes as those disrupting Trump’s rally were led away by security.

MSNBC and leftist offshoots such as Salon are reporting the claims, with others repeating them as fact.

From the Salon article:

“I heard ‘Hail Trump!’ several times as though it were a Nazi youth or Hitler Youth group meeting or something of that nature,” a “Unity Vegas” and Black Lives Matter protestor Ender Austin III told Yahoo News after being ejected from the rally. “I heard a lot of rhetoric that definitely put me in the mind of Nazi Germany, not 2015 America.”

The videos of the skirmishes show some Trump supporters and protesters yelling at each other. It is not clear, however which group is yelling what.

While one elderly man yells “Take them out!” others yell “Kick his ass,” and “Shoot him!” Another man shouts “He’s a Muslim!”

Someone else shouts “Light the motherf—-r on fire!”

The scuffles broke out after protesters yelled “we need gun control!” when Trump brought a supporter on stage whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant.

A protestor with the “Unity Vegas” group shouted “If there were no guns he wouldn’t have got killed.”

Others then began chanting “Black lives matter. Muslims matter,” stoking Trump supporters to boo and yell back.

Trump criticised the media for hurrying to cover the protests, saying that they only turn their cameras on the huge audiences at his rallies when trouble breaks out in the room.

All in all, around 10 protesters were evicted from the Rally. Others told reporters that they are planning more demonstrations for the Republican debate tonight.


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and

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