A black motorist who received widespread attention for recounting his positive interaction with police last month has infuriated members of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Steven Hildreth Jr., a National Guardsman and Tuscon native, thanked two police officers in a viral Facebook post after being pulled over with a legally concealed firearm in late October.

“I’m a black man wearing a hoodie and strapped. According to certain social movements, I shouldn’t be alive right now because the police are allegedly out to kill minorities…” Hildreth said. “I’d like to thank those two officers and TPD in general for another professional contact.”

“We talk so much about the bad apples who shouldn’t be wearing a badge. I’d like to spread the word about an example of men who earned their badges and exemplify what that badge stands for.”

Following the post, Hilldreth says he was immediately met with a small but vitriolic backlash from Black Lives Matter protesters who accused him of “not being black.”

“The biggest backlash has been from the Black Lives Matter movement. This breaks down into two categories,” he said.

“The first category consists of people who are glad the stop went well, but that insist that I must have gotten lucky, or that I seem to be dismissing instances of criminal activity under color of authority.”

“The second group is far more vitriolic. These are the people that are shouting that all or most law enforcement officers are corrupt, that they target minorities who are doing nothing wrong.”

Hilldreth also revealed that some protesters even told him to kill himself while using racial and derogatory terms.

“They accuse me of not being black because I have dared to question their hive mentality,” Hilldreth added. “In a fashion imitating slave masters of days past, they use derogatory terms in an attempt to beat me into submission to the collective.”

“In the past few days, I have been called a ‘nigger’ more times by black people than I have by white people in the past twenty years COMBINED… Worst of all, this second group are the ones telling me to kill myself, saying they hope a cop kills me, and calling for the death of law enforcement.”

Hildreth also noted the hypocrisy in members of the group supporting the death of Randolph Holder, a black New York City police officer.

“This second group applauded the death of NYPD Officer Randolph Holder, a black man,” Hildreth stated. “Clearly, this demonstrates that to that second group, not all black lives matter. Only the ones that forward their anti-LE narrative matter to them.”

Reiterating his original thought, Hildreth noted the need for supporting law-abiding officers.

“I am all for punishing abuse of police powers to the full extent of the law. Those who betray the public’s trust have no place in law enforcement…” he said. “That does not change the fact that what I originally said was true: the majority of law enforcement are good people, keeping the peace.”

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